M3 Softtip Darts

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Darts of M3 technology from Empire Dart in a soft design with a replaceable plastic tip (metal tips for playing a sisal target can also be screwed on).
This technology guarantees a smaller darts diameter at the same weight. This means that the darts really take up minimal space in the dartboard. The patented M3 High Technology enables the production of darts in the SUPER SLIM version. The barrel of these darts have an external thread, the tips and handpieces have an internal thread. Own original Empire Darts M3 have 17-25% more mass than arrows internally threaded barrels. This technology has 18g heavy darts with a diameter of only 4.6 mm, while darts with an internal thread with a diameter of 6-8 mm. This brings many advantages, especially for "180" throws.

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