Unicorn Bristle Dartboard Eclipse HD2

Unicorn Bristle Dartboard Eclipse HD2

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Bristle dartboard Unicorn Eclipse HD2 with plastic numbers

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Producer: Unicorn

Bristle dartboard Unicorn Eclipse HD2 with plastic numbers

Professional tournament bristle dartboard with a thin beveled steel spider.
Dartboard approved for hosting top-level tournaments around the world.

The dartboard is made of the highest quality fibers obtained from the agave sisalana plant.
Dart target with the highest durability and highest quality on the market - just like the Blade 5 Dual Core target from Winmau.

Do not leave the dartboard exposed to direct sunlight and do not hang it over the radiator, the target may dry out! The dartboard must be protected from high humidity.

The dartboard needs to be rotated, from 10 black segments to the left or right. It is important that the upper segment is always black and has the number 20 above it - this way the dartboard is reusable and all segments will wear evenly. If you do not rotate the dartboard, some segments may be destroyed due to excessive darts being thrown at the target.

Dartboard diameter: 450mm

Playing surface diameter: 340mm

Dartboard weight: approx. 5 kg

Package contents: target, hanging device, without arrows.

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