Unicorn Bristle Dartboard Smatboard

Unicorn Bristle Dartboard Smatboard

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Unique bristle dartboard with automatic score counting

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Producer: Unicorn

Unicorn introduces the revolutionary Smartboard, the first dartboard with automatic scoring in the Unicorn Scorebuddy application. You can play 8 exciting games suitable for all levels and abilities. Whether you play for fun or professionally, Smatboard is designed to entertain everyone.

Thanks to the Bluetooth LE connection, the Unicorn Smartboard immediately transmits the score of each darts to the Scorebudy application on your mobile device or tablet. Scorebuddy includes the ability to set 8 different game modes, from traditional 01 games to "Around The World".

You can play with up to 8 players in doubles or 4 in singles. You can also play with the Scorebuddy robot in the game of your choice. ScoreBuddy also allows players to save specific results so you can track your performance and progress.

The Smartboard is compatible with all steel-tipped darts.

The Smartboard is powered by three pieces of AA pencil batteries and is therefore also easily portable.

Android application download: Unicorn ScoreBuddy
(Download is from an external source, in case of problems with the download, please contact us)

Application for iOS: App Store

Package contents:

1x Smartboard
6x Steeltip Darts
1x Oche Mate meter
3x AA Batteries

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