Winmau Bristle Dartboard Blade 6 Triple Core

Winmau Bristle Dartboard Blade 6 Triple Core

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Bristle dartboard of the highest quality with razor wire.

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Producer: Winmau

The sixth row of Blade 6 dartboards offers quality craftsmanship, excellent playability and dartboards durability thanks to the use of the latest technologies. The new ultra-thin wire, which is 25% narrower, is chamfered at an angle of 60 ° and the sisal fiber is modified around the wire in a new way, which ensures better grip of the darts when double, triple and Bull. In this way, the chance that the thrown will bounce or fall from the dartboard is minimized. The numbers on the dartboard are laser cut from metal so that they are clearly and well readable. Thanks to the Rota-Lock system, you can easily and quickly ensure the alignment and securing of the dartboard. The double layer of Dual-Core sisal fiber is inserted into the third layer of Carbon to ensure a perfect fit of the sisal fiber and to prevent any bulging. Dartboards are made of the highest quality East African sisal for the most demanding players and environments. The darts target is approved for professional tournaments and meets the official specifications of the World Darts Federation.

Target diameter: 45 cm
Thickness: 4,5 cm

Package contents: dartboard, mounting kit

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