Harrows Softtip Darts Magnum Reloaded 20g

Harrows Softtip Darts Magnum Reloaded 20g

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Softtip Darts Tungsten 97%.

77,3 € incl. VAT

90,5 € incl. VAT Discount 13,2 €

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Producer: Harrows

Magnum Reloaded darts are an excellent revival of the original, which was released 35 years ago. Using modern machining methods, a perfectly balanced barrel with a unique cubic grip was created. The surface is coated with durable titanium nitride.

Barrel: 97% tungsten
Barrel length: 46 mm
Barrel diameter: 6,3 mm
Weight: 20g (complete darts)

Package contents: 1x set of darts (3pcs).


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