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A big advantage of our store is that you can try darts here. You can play with a large number of different darts that we have in stock at our store. It is the best way to choose the right darts because every player is an individual and needs different darts. Only by trying it will you buy the right darts that will help you perform at your best.

Option to return unsatisfactory darts

If you are far from our store in Ostrava, you have the option to order more types of darts that you consider suitable. Try the darts at home and choose the ones that suit you best, send the other darts back to us and we will refund your money.

Darts must be tested with their own accessories (shafts, flights, tips) to avoid damage to the original accessories. Darts must be returned undamaged and without signs of use with complete accessories and in undamaged packaging.

Tip replacement and minor service

In our shop, you have the opportunity to have the steel tips replaced. We usually make the exchange while you wait.

In the case of broken nozzles and tips that you are not able to remove yourself, we will also do this for you. We can also remove broken steel points on tungsten darts, which can no longer be caught with anything to pull them out.

In the case of a poorly made or clogged thread in the darts, we can restore it to working condition using a tap.

If it is far from our store in Ostrava and you need to make one of the mentioned repairs, you can send us the darts, we will carry out the repair and then send the darts to you.


We offer the possibility of purchasing goods at wholesale prices for sellers of sporting goods, owners of game rooms and pubs, and darts clubs. For more detailed information and conditions, please contact us by email at

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