Mission Softip Darts Ardent M2 Brass 18g

Mission Softip Darts Ardent M2 Brass 18g

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Softtip Darts Brass 18g

13,2 € incl. VAT

15,8 € incl. VAT Discount 2,6 €

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Producer: Mission

Mission Ardent darts represent a whole new level in the design and manufacture of brass darts. The Darts have a rounded tip, a straight middle part and the end turns into a long narrowed part. The nickel-plated barrel is provided with an alternating razor grip and a radial annular grip. This fantastic design complements the laser-etched Mission logo.

Barrel: Brass
Barrel length: 55,4 mm
Barrel diameter: 7,8 mm
Weight: 18g (complete dart)

Package contents: 1x set of darts (3pcs)

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