Target Softtip Darts Elysian 7 18g

Target Softtip Darts Elysian 7 18g

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Limited edition luxury darts from Target

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Producer: Target

Luxury edition of Elysian 7 darts.
"To see the dark, you also need to see the light"

The latest edition of the 7 series of Elysian darts introduces concepts you have never experienced before. Unrivaled precision and design push the boundaries of the darts industry to the next level.

Each barrel is made of an alloy containing 95% tungsten and undergoes 55 minutes of high-precision CNC machining. The barrels contain two grip areas, separated by a silver ring, which are completely unique and each of them is coated with a different color PVD coating. Then the barrel is hand sandblasted to achieve a stunning surface texture and fantastic appearance.

Each set is complemented by an exclusive hardback brochure, dartstand and accessories.

Each edition is produced in only 200 pieces for the whole world.

Barrel: 95% tungsten
Barrel length: 47,6 mm
Barrel diameter: 6,1 - 7 mm
Weight: 18g (complete darts)

Package contents:

3 x Elysian barrel 7
3 x Titan-Carbon Shafts in Elysian design
3 x Pixel plastic tip
3 x titanium tip
3 x set of Elysian 7 Flights - various sizes
1 x stand made of clear acrylic
1 x metal stand

Everything is packed in a quality and luxurious box.

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