Target Softtip Darts Elysian 8 18g

Target Softtip Darts Elysian 8 18g


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Producer: Target


The Elysian

More than just an darts, this annual project represents a united belief that we can rise above the parameters of darts to create something truly beautiful.

For the eighth edition of Elysian, we chose a theme that would provide unique design opportunities. Different possibilities and results, the power of opposing elements harnessed into a refined, thoughtful design.


Multiple processes are used to achieve the final result of the Elysian, the grip of the dart is achieved with 55 minutes of highly detailed milling, when finished the barrel is PVD coated with silica on the front and chrome on the back. The next process exposes the front of the barrel, which is then further covered by hand sandblasting, which offers a finish with maximum grip. To complete the process, the center rings are machined again to separate the two handle profiles on the barrel.

System 8 - shafts and flights

Another feature not yet present on the Elysian editions is the addition of Titanium 8 shafts, which are coated with a chrome PVD coating. The titanium shaft itself is uniquely shaped and fits perfectly into the barrel, which smoothly transitions into the flight of the 8Flight clear model with the Elysian logo.


We believe that Elysian deserves a custom stand that allows you to display your limited edition darts in a captivating and interesting way. Three twisted geometric pieces of cast steel fit together perfectly to create this beautiful yet functional stand.

Box design

Our box design is an amalgamation of ideas that came from our theme. Both sides of the design create a composition that works as a complete design, but can also be broken down into individual ideas. We have created something that is composed and chaotic at the same time.

Package contents:

3 x Elysian Eighth Edition Barrels
3 x Bespoke Elysian 8 Short Titanium Shafts
3 x Black Pixel Tip Points
3 x Elysian 8 Flight No.6 Flights
3 x Elysian 8 Conversion Point 30mm 2BA
3 x Elysian 8Flight No.2 Flights
1 x Elysian Eighth Edition Swiss Key
1 x Book
1 x Sculpture

The limited edition is produced in the number of 200 pieces for the whole world.

Additional information

Category: Softtip Darts Tungsten 18g
Barrel length: 49 mm
Barrel diameter: 7,0 mm
Materiál: Wolfram 90%
Tip thread: 2BA
Shafts thread: 2BA
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Target Softtip Darts Elysian 8 18g
Target Softtip Darts Elysian 8 18g

505,2 €

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